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As we update our quarterly newsletter we will also update our Event Page. Whether you are a volunteer or just an animal lover you are always invited to our events. Community support helps to make our program grow.

Barry Manilow's Gift of Love Concert VI

Barry Manilow

Once again, "Paws & Hearts" has been lucky enough to be one of the charities selected as part of Barry Manilow's Gift of Love Concert VI. 

Mr. Manilow is contributing his performances to the A Gift of Love VI concerts and will not be compensated.

Tickets go on sale on Wednesday July 12th at 10am and can only be purchased by calling 424-298-4818, or by visiting: http://www.agol6.com

Barry Manilow Concert

23rd Annual Dog Walk Fundraiser

Our 23rd Annual Dog Walk/Fundraiser has been canceled.  Actually Richard canceled it and has talked about why the event has been canceled in the Fall Newsletter and the Fall On-Line Fundraising Letter.  

With the passing of Valerie and Drew it was too tough both emotionally and physically to pull this dog walk together.  Valerie ran the registration table and had done so for years.  Drew did all the schlepping and setting up. He actually led the walk on the grounds of the Westin, and earlier this year he told me how much he was looking forward to doing it again.  He folded the commemorative t-shirts, picked up the food the day before, picked up gift certificates, etc. etc. etc.  Without his help, at least for this year, my heart wasn't in it.  Maybe next year!

Most of you who are on our email list will receive our Fall On-Line Fundraising Letter, please consider making a donation.  Thank you all for your understanding!

Download 2019 Dog Walk
Photos with Santa Here!

The Joslyn Senior Center in Palm Desert holds their Annual Fall Heath Fair every October. "Paws & Hearts" Animal Assisted Therapy was one of the 100 Vendors and always get dressed in costume for the spirit of Halloween. In 2015 Richard was dressed as a Veterinarian, and Jill as the nurse, and we had administered attention to a table full of stuffed dogs and cats!

Scruffy, Maddie and even Uncle Drew joined us, and they checked out just fine!

Richard and Jill, in 2014, dressed as Firemen, (and would you believe that visitors to the table actually believed they were real firemen!)

In 2013 Richard and Jill were dressed
up as a magician and assistant!

April 2016

It has just been announced that as of June 30th the Cinemas Palme D'or, who for many years hosted our "Take Your Dog to the Movies" will be closing.

At "Paws & Hearts" we are quite sad to see this venue leave the valley because one of the owners, Brian Tabor, has always been so supportive of our non profit.

Brian, my board of directors and I really want to thank you for hosting all of those fund-raisers for us. Your generosity helped our bottom line, and it was a great way to get our name out there, and attract new volunteers and donors.

Best of luck to you!

Richard Waxman

For information on these events call the "Paws & Hearts" office: (760) 836-1406

Remember, volunteer or an animal lover, you are always invited to our events & community support helps to make our program grow like the annual dog walk fund-raiser parade volunteer/community events.


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